Lavender From France: Why It Is Superb?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "lavender oil"There is no point in mentioning how useful, healthy and beneficial lavender is. It is one of the most commonly used plants in the human history and it is going to be used even more, due to the fact researchers constantly discover new benefits of this plant. However, lavender comes in many different shapes and with different advantages. Just one factor that determines the quality of lavender-related products is the location, where the plants were grown.

Lavender from Provence in France is a safe alternative. In the previous years, researchers have discovered that essential oils, made from lavender grown in the mentioned area in France have stronger properties. The main theory is in the soil that provides all the nutrients these plants need. They also added the benefit of professional growing and plant processing.

Extraordinary lavender fields

In Provence, lavender is grown during June, July, and August. These fields are huge and they are even one of more popular tourist destinations in the area. Here, plants can grow without any disturbances and there are no human-related factors that can cause a negative effect on the plants.

All fields are located in nature, far away from civilization. This has a lot of advantages. First of all, only well-trained people will work with the plants, those who care and like this type of job. Then, we have the air pollution. Because they are far away from any major city, the fields in question use healthier air. This affects the plants themselves and causes stronger essential oil.

Lavender museum

In Provence, you can enjoy the only lavender museum in the world. It has been with us since 1992 and it features stories and items from the 16th century. Of course, all items and stores are related to the lavender and lavender fields.

This museum has guided tours that are limited to 20 people. Luckily, they are available in several languages, including English, Chinese, German and etc.

Here, you can also get souvenirs related to the lavender, grown for centuries in this province. All of them are made by the locals, so you can see how great and how original they are. It is a real pleasure being able to get something that uses lavender grown in Provence.

Secret why this lavender is so great

This province is also the home of the Cistercian Monks. They live in a monastery that originates from the 12th century. Since that time, these monks are responsible for growing and taking care of the lavender plants. With the experience of 9 centuries, it isn’t a coincidence why lavender fields we are talking about are simply the best and the healthiest you can get.

Of course, these monks are not responsible completely for the lavender fields. They are maintained and processed also by the local farmers. Their experience is slightly shorter, but they are also masters of the plant in question. The bottom line is that they know how superb lavender must look and they know how to get it.